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Subic-ShoppingIt’s never quite a vacation without shopping! Great bargain finds as well as souvenir and specialty shops are found all over Subic Bay and Olongapo with its array of malls and shopping areas like Duty-Free, Pure Gold Supermarket, and Freeport Exchange as well as national chains like SM and Alaya Malls.

Royal Subic

royalThe biggest department store in the Subic Freeport Zone, Royal Subic carries imported and local housewares, cooking items, snacks, cigarettes and perfumes. It is built in three large sections, carrying imported and local housewares, grocery items, and clothing. There is a large selection of grocery items, and there is a small bakery on-site. Royal Subic is a great place to shop for brand name clothing, as most are overruns (with some factory seconds) making them very low cost. Royal Subic is considered the “high end” shopping center at SBMA, with generally better merchandise. If you want one-stop shopping, start here.

Freeport Exchange

FreeportExchangeThe Freeport Exchange carries some electronics and Subic's largest supply of candy! This is the “middle ground” for shopping in Subic. They have two basic areas, one for groceries and one for, well, everything else. The grocery section is relatively small, with dry goods, canned foods, a small dairy section and a lot of local items. Freeport Exchange is best for hardware items, like bathroom fixtures, curtain rods, and electronic/electrical hardware and tools. They have a good selection of plumbing items like toilet repair parts and fittings, and they also have voltage regulators, a huge selection of light bulbs, and lighting fixtures.

Pure Gold

goldPure Gold is a huge warehouse type store with a very large selection of grocery items, and a few selections of clothing and other household goods. Hands-down the best breakfast cereal selection in the Freeport. You can the  bulk of your grocery shopping here, then fill in at the other stores if needed. Pure Gold also has the best prices for grocery items, though the difference is relatively small. The meat selection is good and they have a good baked goods section with lots of fresh bread and local items.

National Bookstore

National-bookstore-logoNational Bookstore offers books, magazines, and a small cafe. They are also very popular for getting school supplies. They have a good selection of school supplies and printer cartridges, and you can pick up basic computer accessories like CD/DVD disks. They’ll order books for you, so you can save a few bucks on shipping them into the country yourself. National Bookstore is directly across the huge parking lot from Royal Subic.

American Hardware

americanA hardware stores that carries lots of useful things. All their products are imported from the United States. They have lots of items that are very rare in the Philippines.  A hardware store where all of the products are imported from the United States. They have many items that are very rare in the Philippines including a good range of power tools. They also operate the only car wash right on the SBFZ next to the store. American Hardware is right next door to Royal Subic, so it’s great to drop the car off at the car wash, do your shopping, and come back to a freshly washed, waxed and detailed car.

Harbor Point Mall

harbor-point-malHarbor Point Mall redefines shopping, dining, and entertainment in the region, as it offers the convenience of being strategically-located between the two main gates linking the Subic Bay Freeport Zone to Olongapo City, combined with strong retail concepts set in a relaxing environment.The mall offers the basics, interspersed with exciting first-in-the-region shopping and dining concepts, and an array of specialized shops and services complemented by active and wellness-oriented lifestyle stores.

Shopping in Olongapo City

SM Mall